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The brush with a 12,000 person waiting list…

Brands that can generate a twelve thousand person waiting list tend to have huge PR budget and work with some of the top marketing minds in retail … this could be for a Hermes bag, the Urban Decay Naked 4 Palette or a New Frozen doll. But instead, twelve thousand people signed up to receive a humble yet beautiful makeup brush created by a YouTube star. Aside from my brush review which will get into full swing a little further below, this story is a heartwarming reminder of the democratization of the internet through social media, and how one talented person’s work can trump big corporations.


Wayne Goss is one of the biggest beauty YouTuber’s out there. He is  first and foremost a makeup artist, beauty expert and knows a thing or two about skincare. Wayne also happens to be a lovely friend who regularly makes use of my blotchy, histamine-ravaged face to model in his makeup tutorials (click here to see what I mean lol). Whenever I visit Wayne, I try to steal his makeup  he generously gives me makeup and BRUSHES. ALL OF HIS BRUSHES. I die.



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Iggy Azalea makeup tutorial by meeeee.

This tutorial was something that came about with 15 minutes to spare before having to catch a train. Thank you Wayne for letting me take over your channel for one video! More like this coming up!


I don’t know much about Iggy, but her winged, feline liner is a look I wear most days, the fuchsia lip is really gorgeous, so I was inspired by this strong yet simple makeup. Filming in HD in front of almost 2 million subscribers is still terrifying for me – because my face is NAKED and said nakedness is the reason why I sped through the foundation (sorry if it’s a bit too speedy). Must. Cover. Up. Face. Quickkk.


All the lovely comments have really made me smile, so thank you for the kind words YouTube peeps. This was so much fun and I am considering my own channel with makeup tutorials galore!