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Tom Ford Golden Mink tutorial with Wayne Goss.

I did not want to wash my face after this look was completed. To the frustration of some viewers, I find it difficult to not talk to Wayne while he is doing the makeup. As the products come near my face, I am saying one of the following:


“erm, can I have that?”

“is that for me?”

“It’s contaminated now, I must keep that brush.”



“You had bad skin and now you have great skin, what did you do?”

Here is a contouring makeup tutorial I filmed with the lovely Wayne Goss a couple of weeks ago. My big takeaway as a makeup artist, watching this back is how REALLY GOOD brushes with an even-pressured, light hand make for the most seamless contouring.


This is not a makeup look I would usually do on myself, as I prefer to keep my base really sheer. That said, I think you will agree the end result is incredibly flawless yet natural looking, tactile skin. Great job Wayne!


A word on modelling in x4 HD… with a completely naked face… in front of Wayne’s 2 million plus subscribers… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –  it is bloody scary. I have received the loveliest compliments from many lovely people. Thanking everyone of them for being so kind. My cheeks have been burning with embarrassment and bewilderment at these comments. I have also received lots of versions of the same question, along the lines of:


“You had bad skin and now you have great skin, what did you do?”


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The brush with a 12,000 person waiting list…

Brands that can generate a twelve thousand person waiting list tend to have huge PR budget and work with some of the top marketing minds in retail … this could be for a Hermes bag, the Urban Decay Naked 4 Palette or a New Frozen doll. But instead, twelve thousand people signed up to receive a humble yet beautiful makeup brush created by a YouTube star. Aside from my brush review which will get into full swing a little further below, this story is a heartwarming reminder of the democratization of the internet through social media, and how one talented person’s work can trump big corporations.


Wayne Goss is one of the biggest beauty YouTuber’s out there. He is  first and foremost a makeup artist, beauty expert and knows a thing or two about skincare. Wayne also happens to be a lovely friend who regularly makes use of my blotchy, histamine-ravaged face to model in his makeup tutorials (click here to see what I mean lol). Whenever I visit Wayne, I try to steal his makeup  he generously gives me makeup and BRUSHES. ALL OF HIS BRUSHES. I die.



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Work-friendly makeup tutorial with Wayne Goss.

In my line of work, it is perfectly acceptable to wear creative and bold makeup first thing on a Monday morning (no, I do not work in Spearmint Rhino). Every now and then you need to tone things down and remind people what you actually look like so they do not recoil in horror on a day you haven’t managed to put a scrap of makeup on. Ironically, these are the days I feel the prettiest – despite not looking my best.


If a natural makeup look is for you then you will love this tutorial. The video was so much fun to film! I loved the simplicity and how Wayne embraced my fair skin.  I have said it before and I will say it again, sitting in front of an HD camera, bare-faced is one of the most terrifying things a girl can do – especially when the person filming has almost 2 million subscribers. Eeeek. More on the way from Wayne!


Victoria’s Secret makeup tutorial with Wayne Goss.

This incredibly sexy look is inspired by the bronzed style of makeup worn by the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Most of the products used were by Charlotte Tilbury, which is highly appropriate for this tutorial since Charlotte has been head of makeup at many a Victoria’s Secret catwalk show.


Wayne did a really beautiful job and the pièce de résistance products used were Mac eye liner pencil in Coffee, Chanel Illusion D’ombre eyeshadow in New Moon and Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad in Golden Goddess. All about the eyes! Love love love.