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“You had bad skin and now you have great skin, what did you do?”

Here is a contouring makeup tutorial I filmed with the lovely Wayne Goss a couple of weeks ago. My big takeaway as a makeup artist, watching this back is how REALLY GOOD brushes with an even-pressured, light hand make for the most seamless contouring.


This is not a makeup look I would usually do on myself, as I prefer to keep my base really sheer. That said, I think you will agree the end result is incredibly flawless yet natural looking, tactile skin. Great job Wayne!


A word on modelling in x4 HD… with a completely naked face… in front of Wayne’s 2 million plus subscribers… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –  it is bloody scary. I have received the loveliest compliments from many lovely people. Thanking everyone of them for being so kind. My cheeks have been burning with embarrassment and bewilderment at these comments. I have also received lots of versions of the same question, along the lines of:


“You had bad skin and now you have great skin, what did you do?”


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The Rolls Royce of cleansers: Eve Lom… why is it so amazing?

This was initially supposed to be a skincare routine post, but I ended up ranting and raving about the Eve Lom cleanser, so much so that I figured it deserved its own exclusive piece – about why it is so good and why I cannot live without it.


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