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Work-friendly makeup tutorial with Wayne Goss.

In my line of work, it is perfectly acceptable to wear creative and bold makeup first thing on a Monday morning (no, I do not work in Spearmint Rhino). Every now and then you need to tone things down and remind people what you actually look like so they do not recoil in horror on a day you haven’t managed to put a scrap of makeup on. Ironically, these are the days I feel the prettiest – despite not looking my best.


If a natural makeup look is for you then you will love this tutorial. The video was so much fun to film! I loved the simplicity and how Wayne embraced my fair skin.  I have said it before and I will say it again, sitting in front of an HD camera, bare-faced is one of the most terrifying things a girl can do – especially when the person filming has almost 2 million subscribers. Eeeek. More on the way from Wayne!