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PVC for the win… bold, yet wearable.

I don’t know where my pang for PVC came from, but like any fashion itch, it had to be scratched.


Alexander McQueen, Catwoman, Kim K, all push the PVC envelope and I had been curious about trying it for a while. This stunning pencil skirt works with my curves and it speaks sass, fun and naughtiness without looking too eccentric. I feared it might. Wipe clean as well! – an added benefit of wearing this squeaky material that I had not fully appreciated, until spilling a glass of wine into my lap. No problem. Can you believe this is from Asos? The shoes are from Office (sadly sold out) and on several occasions they have been mistaken for Miu Miu’s at work. Finally, the cropped jumper is another steal by Oh My Love with an irresistible fury texture in cool, bright lilac.

When styling PVC I found that contrasting textures work best, offsetting fierce with soft. A natural makeup is important too. Second to this is avoiding any fussy pattern that could compete for attention with the figure-hugging shine of PVC. Keep it simple with clean lines and above all else, make sure it fits you like a glove.



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