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Stila colour balm lipstick in Gabrielle – get on my lips.

FullSizeRender-(6) (00000002)


Stila is one of those beauty brands that often falls off my radar, for long periods of time. Every now and then I discover something new and make a mental note to try more of their products! Their Convertible Colour in Petunia was my first ever blusher, received at the age of 13. Naturally, I applied enough to grout an entire bathroom.


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The Space NK Colour Matcher aka Magical lipstick tech.

Kisses from the office

Kisses! Can you spot mine? Hint – it’s the big pink one in the middle.


This clever little tool brings the in-store Space NK consultation experience and expertly selected product prescriptions, to the beautiful Space NK website. In real terms, this means you can watch Netflix, drink tea and browse your PERFECT lipsticks, without even leaving the house, or getting dressed! What more could a girl want?!


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My perfect nude lip.

nude lip



Finding your perfect nude lip is like finding you perfect foundation, signature scent or “hello there!” bra. It is a life essential. If the following lip products were to be discontinued, you would have to prize them from my cold, dead hands. I always carry one of these on my person, at all times…even when wearing a classic red lipstick, a colour that looks beautiful with my skin tone, still, it makes me anxious, as I often change my mind half way through the day because I worry that my face looks too shouty… strange anxiety for a beauty nut, I know.

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If I lost ALL my makeup, what would I run out to immediately buy?

essential kit


God forbid, someone broke into my flat and stole ALL my makeup – because let’s face it, losing my makeup bag would be sad, but I have backups of almost everything in it. Anyway, back to the horror story: I am looted of all eyeshadow palettes, drawers of lipsticks, mascaras, blushers and eye liners… What do I go out and buy?

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