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Date makeup – what men like.

Oh god. This is a topic I have strong views on, as a makeup Nazi. I have an opinion and I’m NOT afraid to express it.

“When women wear makeup, they’re basically lying to us”

Why should I be blamed for a man stupid enough to think I have gold sparkly eye lids!? To completely avoid this situation, simply steer clear of any unnatural glittery products. He will be none the wiser that your eyelashes are not actually black or your skin isn’t actually perfect.


Wear what you like, do what makes you happy but there are some major fails and elements of makeup that most men do not understand let alone approve of. While some of you might shout at me and explain that makeup and general beautification is not done for the approval of men… looking your best for a date kind of is. If he’s a nice guy, it shouldn’t matter and needn’t feel like a compromise. 


There is not one specific look that makes all women breathtakingly beautiful, nor are there very specific products that help achieve this. My personal and professional beautifying arsenal, hundreds of hours applying, practising,  working with clients and observing absolute makeup artist legends at work, has given me some pearls of makeup wisdom, that I’m willing to share with you lucky people…


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