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The importance of Instagram girl crushes.

Collating makeup, body, hair (note the important use of a comma there), lifestyle and fashion inspiration from women on Instagram who I find dizzyingly attractive, is what my girl crushes are all about.


Comparison need not be a thief of joy, especially since we all know that magical interventions are made in photoshop. Acceptance is sometimes key. Even Beyonce’s OWN instagram shots are liposuctioned – in a reassuringly obvious (and worryingly sad) way:


screenshot-www.nydailynews.com 2014-11-13 21-50-45



I digress, this sends out a bad message about Beyonce’s personal body hang-ups, i.e not actually having a thigh-gap. Thank you Beyonce, standing for strong women and all that. You have been scribbled off my list of girl crushes.

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