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Tampon Tax. Errm no.


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Enough already.


As an intelligent, chatty and opinionated woman, I feel a great responsibility to exhaustively and cathartically get this blog post OUT of my system, and onto the internet, so that I can carry on living my life.


I graduated from my law degree three years ago now, and have clung onto some bits of knowledge, mainly so nobody can shaft me, it comes in handy sometimes. Alas, it would seem that I am still being shafted…


The luxury or essential status of a product for tax purposes was highlighted by no legal debacle better than the McVities case. In this case it was deemed that because Jaffa Cakes go hard when they are stale, they are indeed cakes, not biscuits, and therefore, wait for it… essential – so exempt from consumer tax. I read this case many times and still do not understand why cake is essential. However, I do know that when I’m on my period, I CANNOT PUT A FUCKING FAIRY CAKE IN MY KNICKERS to deal with the painful and messy situation. INSTEAD, I have to employ the use of a LUXURY sanitary towel or tampon. It is quite absurd. To be fair, plugging oneself with cotton to avoid spraying bloody uterine lining everywhere is a luxurious experience. Just like going on a monthly spa break.


So, a room dominated by men, vote against removing the consumer luxury tax on period products *slow claps*. These MP’s clearly love cake more than they do women. This makes me all kinds of sad, because in 2015, the wonderful machinery of a woman’s body is still met with grumblings of disapproval. Legislative disapproval.  


I refer you all to Dominique Christina’s period poem. Watch it, you might fall in love with her and start clapping. If you don’t, get off my blog. 




If you have periods this might make you stand up and clap…

If like me, you feel that society has wrongly decided menstruation is an awkward taboo… then watch this woman and prepare to laugh, clap and share with everyone you know. Because that’s exactly what I did. Enter Dominique Christina – ultimate disturber of the peace and Grand Slam winning, breathtaking poet.