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The limited edition super-sized Eve Lom Cleanser has arrived.

Like a Kitchen Aid or Vitamix, an air of distinction surrounds my 450ml Eve Lom cleanser which sits regally on the bathroom shelf. It may look cray extravagant, but I can honestly say it is THE most economical product in my bathroom. Think cost-per-cleanse people… Yes, that is a thing. Available exclusively online at Space NK.


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My comprehensive skincare routine.


This may look like a lot of products, but I don’t use all of these at once, promise…




Morning routine:


AM: Most mornings I start with an Eve Lom cleanse: Upon waking, it is time for a good facial massage. Avoid this step for long enough and you will start to resemble a droopy-faced blood hound. I then get rid of my sleepy balmy face with a hot flannel, pressed into the skin and removed in swiping, upward motions. You can read an entire post on why this cleanser is the best, of the best – here. If am running late, I use the Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk, lovely but not as effective.

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The Rolls Royce of cleansers: Eve Lom… why is it so amazing?

This was initially supposed to be a skincare routine post, but I ended up ranting and raving about the Eve Lom cleanser, so much so that I figured it deserved its own exclusive piece – about why it is so good and why I cannot live without it.


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