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The roundup: my favourite makeup products of 2015.



Not a day goes by where I don’t thank the makeup gods for bringing these gifts of beauty into my life. The following products I use almost every single day, hand-picked out of hundreds of makeup products in my kit. This is my makeup my hall of fame, if you will, and all of it is unapologetically luxury.  My rationale being that I only have one face, and wear it every day, so slathering it in such expensive, gorgeous products makes me happy and feel a wonderful sense of put-together-ness.


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The only three lip balms that matter.

I consider this a very dynamic lip balm curation, edited into just three fantastic products. You need to look no further. Think sheen, matte and a pop of colour. Girly, sweet smelling, delicious and feminine. Simple unassuming tin packaging, heavy frosted glass and glinting metal lid. You will meet your lip balm soul mate with at least one of them. I swing between all three, most days.



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