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Discovery: Lush products.

My beauty product stash is very luxe (unapologetically so), and I rarely stray to “drugstore” products. There is generally a reason why something you would smear all over your face or body costs £1.79.


A step up from drugstore is Lush – a store I used to love going into as a child, to snif everything. Once upon a memorable bath time, I acquired a bath bomb that covered me in so many bits of twigs, glitter and general annoying specs of mess that wouldn’t leave the sides of the bath, or my scalp. My mother was not impressed at the state of the bath, so never again was I allowed a bath bomb. Twigs and glitter or no twigs and glitter.


It has taken me about 15 years to properly explore Lush’s offering again. I popped into my local on the Kings’ Road last weekend and bought a rebellious selection of bath products and an Ultrabland cleanser (because Caroline Hirons recommended it).


photo (13)


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