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James McCann: On Ferguson and privilege.




As an English teacher in Bogotá I work with a lot of Americans, which, in light of recent events re: Ferguson in the United States has made for some tense conversations and mixed emotions. Today I commented to an American colleague, in a state of frustration at the escalating chaos, that I would not wish to return to an America in the state it is now. He defended by saying that, whilst the state of affairs at present will make one flinch the media and wider community is addressing the issue and that in itself was evidence of a sea change and improvement. He also pointed out the diversity in the attitudes and communities within the states and that many places, like Missouri are more prone to racial tension. The situation in the US is nothing if not complex and no reasonable person I know would deny that these events are not so much new tragedies rather that light has been shed upon them and now they are being critically debated with thanks to the large scale protest in Ferguson and around the US.

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