Lasering your lady garden 101 – an update, 5 sessions in.

NOBODY TOLD ME THE LASER GETS STRONGER EACH SESSION. I am recovering from quite a surprisingly painful laser session, where my watering eyes, red inflamed skin and shrieks of agony and disbelief were “normal for this laser intensity”. WTF. On several occasions I almost knee-butted my poor aesthetician in the face. I have written about lasering my lady garden, for your enjoyment here, all of it correct and I still stand by what I said, about the first few sessions, that is. What concerns me now is if you only read that post, you are not really getting the full story…




My first 4 laser sessions were a walk in the park, like a mild electric shock with an unsettling aroma of burning, after all there was hot laser being fired onto my genitals and strangely enough, I was absolutely OK with it. Barely flinched. I felt like quite a champion for lying back, leg in the air and taking it like an honourable beauty soldier. The 5th session however, was completely different.


“The intensity is very high, let me know when you need breaks”. I was like “oh it’s ok, I’m always fine!”. She knew what was coming.


Much like the technology used in laser tattoo removal, the laser finds the pigment under your skin and burns it to smitherines, so the hair follicles die and forget how to ever grow a pube again. After 3 sessions, I had such little regrowth I was bare and happy, ecstatic even that I will never again have to go for a wax. The 4th session was what I would call “uncomfortable”, and my 5th session yesterday required controlled breathing and an attempt at meditating my way through the pain, much worse than a Hollywood wax. I left the clinic with a shocked expression on my face and needed to get a chai latte as a reward to myself for not jumping off the bed and running away. The things women do!

The fantastic results have made this one of the best monetary investments I made in 2014, so much so that I will be having my underarms and lower legs done this year. I am not looking forward to my last session in 6 weeks, but I am still amazed with the results and most importantly, this experience has not put me off going back to do it again. I still highly recommend! Just be mentally, physically and emotionally PREPARED for the last few sessions.



5 thoughts on “Lasering your lady garden 101 – an update, 5 sessions in.

  1. Chloe

    I had my underarms done a few years ago. It was a piece of cake and the best investment…I’m still working up the courage to do my lady garden…you are a brave woman!

    1. emmastevie Post author

      Thanks Chloe!! UNDERARMS HERE I COME! I strongly recommend! Did you have IPL or Gentlelase/Candela? I can’t imagine how painful IPL would be! x

  2. Nathalia

    Oh dear Emma, I know what you mean… My first laser session down there was a nightmare! I thought I was never coming back after that… My hole body was shaking and I was sweating so much that my dermatologist stopped a few times to ask if I was crying… Hahaha I two went outside with a scared face and people told me to use this pomade anesthetic next time! The nurse in there also told me that this lady actually started spreading the thing down there two hours before the session and redid it every half hour until she has to leave home to go to the clinic! A not extreme? Maybe. But giiiiirl, I tried her technique and after doing it you don’t feel a thing! Only in more sensitive spots you can fell the pain, but it’s much more bareble! After doing that one time, I can’t go back…
    The only downside to this is that you can’t really tell if the intensity is too high for your skin, and you may end up with a few burnt spots.. But oh well, what do we do to get rid of the waxing lady hun? Hahahha
    Good luck girl, xo.


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