The brush with a 12,000 person waiting list…

Brands that can generate a twelve thousand person waiting list tend to have huge PR budget and work with some of the top marketing minds in retail … this could be for a Hermes bag, the Urban Decay Naked 4 Palette or a New Frozen doll. But instead, twelve thousand people signed up to receive a humble yet beautiful makeup brush created by a YouTube star. Aside from my brush review which will get into full swing a little further below, this story is a heartwarming reminder of the democratization of the internet through social media, and how one talented person’s work can trump big corporations.


Wayne Goss is one of the biggest beauty YouTuber’s out there. He is  first and foremost a makeup artist, beauty expert and knows a thing or two about skincare. Wayne also happens to be a lovely friend who regularly makes use of my blotchy, histamine-ravaged face to model in his makeup tutorials (click here to see what I mean lol). Whenever I visit Wayne, I try to steal his makeup  he generously gives me makeup and BRUSHES. ALL OF HIS BRUSHES. I die.




The Holiday Brush is a luxuriously fat fluffly thing, made from the softest cruelty-free animal hair and hand-crafted by 20 Japanese artisans. The sublime quality of the wooden handle, sleek immaculate black metal ferrule and kitten-soft brush head makes this description sound much more like an M&S food advert and less like a product review. But it’s all true.


The best thing about this brush is that it does everything, and I mean everything on your face. You can set makeup with the edge of this brush and get right into the interior angles around your nose, you can contour with the fine tapered point, blusher, bronzer, highlighter. This brush is to makeup what a beautiful handbag is to your wardrobe; versatile, staple and a key investment piece.


At $85 it is worth every penny and much cheaper than SUQQU brushes, which in my opinion are not better, just more expensive. You can buy the Holiday Brush here. I seriously recommend!



9 thoughts on “The brush with a 12,000 person waiting list…

  1. Betty Ann Cardinal

    thank you for an amazing review of the Wayne Goss Holiday Brush. I totally agree with all that you have written about the proformance and about Wayne. Also, your pretty damn lucky to have a friendship with Wayne where you are his blochy ravage skin model…seriously your gorgeous and stunning before and after Wayne’s makeup application. Keep up the fabulous work!

  2. Lisa Moon

    Fun post! I just love looking at that brush – I’m obsessed with the tulip shape! Plus, its creator is simply lovely – and a cheeky sprite, lol! I’d imagine he’d be a joy to know in person and it’d be a dream to have his hands grace my face!

    You look so pretty in the videos, Emma! Please skip the negative comments; gorgeous models Mr Goss uses tend to get disgusting criticism from internet trolls who don’t think they’re being trolls! Jealous, I’m sure!

    I hope we’ll see you in more videos! You looked amazing in the CT Vintage Vamp look!

    Thank you for the review, too. 🙂

    PS Happy New Year from the west coast of Canada!

    1. Lisa Moon

      Omg!!! Um, could you NOT publish my comment?! I’d like to edit it because I realized AS I hit send! that I’ve partly mixed you up with the other girl in a recent Goss video, haven’t I?!

      I’m SO SORRY!!! I feel stupid, if it’s any consolation…

      Regardless of my gaffe, you’re still beautiful (wowza on your NYE outfit!!!!!) and am glad to see you in future videos, as well as watching your blog here. 🙂

      1. emmastevie Post author

        Hi Lisa!

        I am the Emma in Wayne’s vids!

        Happy new year and sending lots of love!

        Thanks for checking out my blog, I hope you enjoy it xxx

  3. Ruth Ortiz

    I love to watch Wayne’s videos on YouTube, the very little I know about makeup application I learned from him. I working to save to buy his brushes, my hope is to one day have his entire collection. I appreciate his honesty and humor, can’t say nothing but nice things about him.

  4. Erin

    Love your style of writing! Witty but succinct and to the point. Your videos with Wayne are fab and I think you’re a real advocate for real women. Obviously will he expecting your own youtube channel soon?!?!


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