Controversial skincare advice.

Ok here goes my most controversial post. *holds breath* *makes uncomfortable face* … I was chatting with a gorgeous beauty blogger recently and we both made a guilty admission about our skin… it doesn’t like too many steps in a skincare routine.




I have very dry and tight skin with some hormonal blemishes from time to time. Otherwise, my skin is so dry I can use oil as a makeup base and the makeup sits beautifully. As advised I have been cleansing – twice, acid peeling, moisture spritzing, eye creaming, seruming, oiling, moisturising… morning and night. The result? My skin looked alright. Not sparkling, not breath-taking and absolutely not as perfect as it should do for such a serious and considered routine.


Without sounding like the Queen from Snow White, I have EVERYTHING at my disposal – every high-end brand, every new-fangled gadget and all the expert knowledge and emotional support on the quest for ageless, smooth taught skin that sings and makes people faint with its beauty. I am incredibly lucky – this comes from working in the luxury beauty industry, it’s my job to worry about my skin. I followed and implemented all that I have been told from top dermatologists and skincare gods who look after the complexions of A-list glitterati models… my skin was just a bit meh. If I could list to you all the products, treatments and expense my skin has absorbed, you wouldn’t believe me, because it doesn’t look amazing, It just looks alright and mediocrity is not a thing I strive for in any part of my life, ever.

When having a super cray week this month I was doing a quick Eve Lom cleanse and slapping on some Nude Advanced renewal eye cream and serum then collapsing into bed. I would wake up, do an Eve Lom cleanse, Nude Advanced Renewal Serum and Eve Lom SPF 50 or Malin & Goetz SPF 30, then run out the door. 3 steps, not 7… then a few days later after a pang of guilt hit me for not using the ton of products I have in the 7 different steps I usually do, I studied my face to find that my skin was actually looking amazing and appreciated the simple approach, it was calm, flawless and glowing. I was shocked. Everything I knew was now questionable – I felt like like Neo being unplugged from the Matrix.


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Since having this epiphany I still do use acid peels every now and then, and I still like a mask and some tear-jerkingly expensive serum – because I can, they feel nice. A caveat to be noted here is age – in your early to mid twenties you will not see the benefit or difference from a £187 serum designed for wrinkles, you just wont. Like wearing the emperor’s clothes, I have been on an indulgent skincare journey so you don’t have to. This is my advice:


1. Cleanse your skin properly, with a flannel and something that annihilates makeup whilst leaving your skin feeling heavenly.


2. Wear SPF every god damn day, a broad spectrum high quality product that is an SPF of 30 or more.


3. What you eat/drink/snort/ingest will all show in your skin, healthy lifestyle = healthy complexion.

Aside from my preachings, the lesson learnt here is that YOU know YOUR skin better than anyone. You know how it responds to stress, hormones, food and skincare products. If you get complimented on your complexion all the time and happen to use a cleanser from an unmentionably affordable brand and moisturiser you received in a Glossybox (i.e. my ‘routine’ a few years ago when I had bloody perfect skin)… then stick with it. Don’t get sucked into the hype on new patented formulas and worry about not using acids or maybe not being able to afford £187 serums. You don’t need it. Your skin looks amazing? Carry on with what you are doing. You didn’t hear any of that here.

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  1. Bernadett Baja

    Thank you for your advice! Wish there would be more amazing products here in Romania, others than bioderma, la roche and clinique, more samples so I could try out new products and dermatologists would really listen to me when I say I have dry skin with acnee , not oily . Almost everyone thinks here that oily skin means acnee and maybe I am just dehydrated…


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