My comprehensive skincare routine.


This may look like a lot of products, but I don’t use all of these at once, promise…




Morning routine:


AM: Most mornings I start with an Eve Lom cleanse: Upon waking, it is time for a good facial massage. Avoid this step for long enough and you will start to resemble a droopy-faced blood hound. I then get rid of my sleepy balmy face with a hot flannel, pressed into the skin and removed in swiping, upward motions. You can read an entire post on why this cleanser is the best, of the best – here. If am running late, I use the Darphin Intral Cleansing Milk, lovely but not as effective.


Following this, I pat some Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum into my skin. The wonderful thing about this serum is the purest quality Hyularonic Acid (a naturally occurring molecule that aids the transportation of water in the skin), which is NOT accompanied by silicone fillers to force the product into the skin. It sits on my skin for about a minute before completely disappearing and making my skin look incredibly soft without a trace of product texture. This serum is the one for dry skin. I have received so many compliments since putting this back into my routine.


After serum I follow with either Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate (followed with a mystery SPF30 primer I am testing for the brand – it is incredible, post coming soon) or Eve Lom Daily Protection SPF 50 – sorry Sisley, this is the best SPF for dry skin. It is so important for keeping your face and décolletage protected from the sun and of course cancer free. I see far too many people with sun-aged faces, even in their 20’s! Do not let this be you.


And most mornings… that’s it! I put on some makeup and go.


Evening routine:


PM: A couple of times a week before bed (after a double Eve Lom cleanse) I use Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Acid Peel – this is the chemical exfoliant step to my routine. It really tingles (burns?) and makes my skin peel through the night but completely eradicates any blackheads and so far has kept any fine lines under my eyes at bay. This product is amazing for troublesome skin AND for anti-ageing. The AHA acids followed by BHA acids make for the most effective skin peel I have tried. Grainy scrubs I find are not as effective, they just feel abrasive and don’t re-surface my skin like acids do, but that’s just my opinion.



Serum – I use the same Eve Lom Intense Hydration Serum and either slather my face with Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentrate or Egyptian Magic – a recent discovery! It is a pure organic balmy cream made from olive oil, honey, bees wax, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. Sound strange? It sure smells strange! However, my skin feels so soft in the morning and this works wonders at removing scars and marks caused by blemishes.




Dehydration: If like me, your skin feels ravaged by the central heating in winter, or maybe I’ve been partying too hard or not sleeping, this is where Nude Progenius Treatment Oil comes to the rescue. It smells a bit funky (again, absence of unnecessary ingredients that don’t benefit your skin), but is PACKED with omegas from plant sources. I massage this in (after the serum step) and it anchors my moisturiser so beautifully. Who knew I had 3 hours sleep, eh? At £58, this won’t suit everyone’s budget, so another, slightly more affordable oil I adore is Ren Vita Mineral Omega 3 Serum Oil. This one smells nice too! Get ready for slippery soft cheeks.


Hormonal breakouts:  When approaching my period, I can get the odd hormonal spot and outbreaks of textured redness. If this happens to you, this Malin & Goetz Salicylic Acid gel, really nice product at combating said spots and texture. I will do an entire post on how I keep my skin clear.


Redness, dullness and/or congestion: On a weekend (usually whilst having a bath – serious multitasking going on), I always use Eve Lom Rescue mask. It has one of the most instantly noticeable effects on my skin of any mask I have used: Brightening, de-congesting, calming and gets rid of redness. Straight away, my skin feels velvety-soft and clear.


So far so good! My general skincare advice would be to cleanse properly, use a BROAD SPECTRUM SPF EVERY DAY, avoid foaming washes/general cheap rubbish and observe closely how your skin feels a few days after trying a new product. With the exception of Egyptian Magic, these products I have used for over a year and am completely in love.



5 thoughts on “My comprehensive skincare routine.

  1. Jenny

    Hey Emma,

    I am having an allergic reaction to a Dior foundation that i had been using for years now…Don’t even understand what the hell happened (shocked still). But it’s been two months and things are not looking good…no idea what to do, have stopped using it but reaction is not going away…last year i got chicken pox and now this..damn

    1. Jenny

      Forgot to say…thanks for all your input will give it a try but scared…as i don’t want any more reaction

      1. emmastevie Post author

        Hi Jenny!

        Thanks for the comment. It is always worth obtaining samples or using little sample pots in store and trying the product for a few nights as they are quite expensive.

        Let me know how you get on!


  2. Melissa

    Hello, I just found your posts recently and I plan on trying some of the skin care products you’ve talked about. Do you have any dark circles recommendations by chance??

    Thank you

    1. emmastevie Post author

      Hi Melissa!

      I would recomend Khiel’s Creamy Avacado Eye Treatment, Nude Eye cream is lovely too. For concealer i <3 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer and Clarins Instant concealer - set with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder.

      You wont regret getting or using any of these products! xxx


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