The importance of Instagram girl crushes.

Collating makeup, body, hair (note the important use of a comma there), lifestyle and fashion inspiration from women on Instagram who I find dizzyingly attractive, is what my girl crushes are all about.


Comparison need not be a thief of joy, especially since we all know that magical interventions are made in photoshop. Acceptance is sometimes key. Even Beyonce’s OWN instagram shots are liposuctioned – in a reassuringly obvious (and worryingly sad) way: 2014-11-13 21-50-45



I digress, this sends out a bad message about Beyonce’s personal body hang-ups, i.e not actually having a thigh-gap. Thank you Beyonce, standing for strong women and all that. You have been scribbled off my list of girl crushes.


Physical perfection is completely unattainable in real life, even the pursuit of it is even quite unattractive. Think TOWIE-style botox at 24, which if you can’t guess, I’m not a fan of.


Never worry about not being perfect. In the words of Maya Angelou:

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

To supplement Maya’s approach to self-love, this is where girl crushes come in… I developed my girl crushes to help maintain a healthy body image, something I will put my hand up and say I have really struggled with since being a young teen; always on a diet, always in the gym, never eating in the evening. Yet still, in my gym kit I wear two sports bras and could star in “Carry On Pilates”. I can’t change it, so have had to change my attitude with the following girl crushes:


Kelly Brook 2014-11-13 20-29-23


Love you Kel. The Daily Mail run a roaring business slating Kelly’s figure, which is bloody amazing in real life, I can vouch for this. The verifiably unedited snap above was posted on her instagram. Love love love.


By girl-crushing on Kelly, this image says to me “So you know that ab muscle definition you keep striving for and always wanting to be thinner… it’s no big deal. I’m not starving and I look beautiful.”


Daisy Lowe 2014-11-13 20-31-19


Another curvy brunette (spotting a trend here?). Daisy’s face and mesmeric soft edges are really captivating. This fashionista, model and all round cool-girl is seriously hot. Does she appear to run ultra marathons or consume nothing but kale juices? No. She probably eats in the evenings too. For me, Daisy has the imperfect-perfect beauty going on, with her gorgeous unique nose and down-turned bambi eyes. Nothing about her is typically ‘in’ which is why I find her so attractive. My girl crush on Daisy reminds me not to worry about having less than perfect features.



Yoga Girl aka Rachel Brathen 2014-11-13 20-38-29


Rachel is spiritual, uplifting, dog-loving and warm-hearted. Her instagram account exudes positive vibes with awesome yoga and lovely messages about the universe and stuff. If like me you are into passionate, unapologetic people, then you will fall in love with her.



My tips for finding your girl crushes:


  1. Unfollow anyone on instagram who makes you feel inadequate or bad about yourself. Do this now.
  2. Find girl crushes who you have things in common with. This could be your natural colour palette, awkward bra size, body shape, freckles, love of sailing, or new found yoga addiction.
  3. Your common ground with these girl crushes will inspire anything from a new hair style to what eyeshadow colours might look nice on you. (I am forever trawling through Kelly’s selfies to find a new makeup look.)
  4. It’s not just about finding your girl crush physically attractive. Follow women who are fearless, strong and funny
  5. When you see something you like, screenshot it to refer back to when you feel rubbish and need a lift.


Happy girl-crushing!



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