Discovery: Lush products.

My beauty product stash is very luxe (unapologetically so), and I rarely stray to “drugstore” products. There is generally a reason why something you would smear all over your face or body costs £1.79.


A step up from drugstore is Lush – a store I used to love going into as a child, to snif everything. Once upon a memorable bath time, I acquired a bath bomb that covered me in so many bits of twigs, glitter and general annoying specs of mess that wouldn’t leave the sides of the bath, or my scalp. My mother was not impressed at the state of the bath, so never again was I allowed a bath bomb. Twigs and glitter or no twigs and glitter.


It has taken me about 15 years to properly explore Lush’s offering again. I popped into my local on the Kings’ Road last weekend and bought a rebellious selection of bath products and an Ultrabland cleanser (because Caroline Hirons recommended it).


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I have since been thoroughly impressed with each and every product, and feel the need to rave to you about it. Starting left to right:


Yog Nog soap: The most delicious smelling soap I have ever owned. I will be returning to purchase a sizeable chunk because I cannot stop using this! It smells exactly like rich sweet eggnog with a cocoa topping. The lather is moisturising and does not make my skin feel dry after soaping up 3 times in the shower, having multiple nose-gasms. I spent the rest of the day sniffing my arms while people around me looked on, slightly bemused. It is THAT good.


The melting snowman: Like mulled wine meets mince pies and a hint of brandy with a warm orangey deliciousness. The bath I had with melting snowman was so Christmassy I could not deal with how deliriously Christmassy I felt in October. Sweet nostalgia in a fizzy melting snowman. I NEED more of these, one melting snowman is never enough. After a hard day me and all the melting snowmen will be chillin’ together, in the bath.


Ultrabland: For £11, this cleanser has some really lovely top notch ingredients. Almond oil, rose water, honey and beeswax make up this creamy, thick oily cleansing balm that you massage into your face and take off with a hot flannel. Fantastic for people with dry skin, not ideal for those with oily skin as it does leave a bit of an oily residue. It really annihilates makeup and leaves your skin feeling very soft.  If I could no longer get Eve Lom (cleanser of choice – blog post on the way), I would stock up on this.


Lavender bath melt thingy: This requires a little anecdote… When I was about 18, I dumped my then boyfriend, but then had to go back to college to do my A level exams with him sat across the exam hall… needless to say it was as sad as it was stressful. My best friend’s mum gave me some lavender oil to be applied onto a hanky and inhaled in a deep, calming breath. This is a ritual I still do to this day when encountering moments of anxiety or sadness. The lavender bath melt took me back to that moment. I got out the bath and smelt like a calmer more relaxed version of myself. Amazingly powerful. I need more of these! The smell lingered on my skin and I slept like a baby.


Twilight bath bomb: This sweet smelling lavender bath bomb is another product I have fallen in love with. Can you tell I love lavender? The only potential issue with this product is that it turns your bath PINK, which I guess is the point! This lavender scent is more uplifting than it is relaxing, and I think that is because of the sweet notes, but still really lovely to use and the best £2.39 you will ever spend.


All in all, I am so impressed with Lush and can’t wait to try more products. I think they have an amazing edit of products with quality ingredients and have absolutely nailed the scents this Christmas. I love it so much I wish I hadn’t discovered it all! God help my new bath bomb addiction.


P.S. Lady who works in the Kings’ Road store with red hair, you are wonderful. I only went in for a brief look!



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