Throw back Thursday – Product favourites with Wayne Goss

I used to work at Space NK head office for almost three years, a place where I found my footing in the beauty industry, making contacts that have resulted in amazing work since. I can’t imagine working in any other industry and am so grateful for my experiences.

I was lucky to befriend the YouTube beauty community too! Wayne Goss was one such YouTuber who I fondly and often went to visit from Paddington to Newport with a bag of goodies. Off the train I got and into a taxi taking me to his beautiful converted church where we made fun videos as friends first and industry colleagues as a second. I would apprehensively donate my face for acne covering, contouring and general silliness. Such fun. Wayne is a real darling and would kindly bestow me with his brushes, palettes and potions before I went home. I still use many of them now and think back to how thrilled I was to receive these generous gifts.

This video came into my suggested YouTube playlist, and it made me really laugh!


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