Hannah Martin did my make-up.


Hannah Martin is one of the most respected bridal specialists in the British beauty industry.  I love her intensely pretty make-up style, warmth and good humour.  The first time we met, I was so excited I flew through the door of the Charlotte Street Hotel, face-planting into the wooden floor, ripping my tights and grazing my knees (leather pencil skirts are the enemy), before wiggling inelegantly through to the restaurant to meet her with burning cheeks and look of complete childish embarrassment. Many people in our industry would be mortified by such an entrance but we laughed so hard, I knew a friendship had begun.

In a world of contouring-gone-mad, Hannah is a classic make-up talent, working discreetly on royal clients, magazine covers, Vogue editors and supermodels. Her clientele is every artists’ dream, and whenever we chat about make-up I learn something invaluable. Hannah became known to the press by her work on the royal wedding in 2011, and is now a Senior Pro Artist for Bobbi Brown, with a rapidly growing YouTube following.  Many exciting things are in Hannah’s future, and they could not happen to a nicer person.

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The moment I had the chance for Hannah to do my makeup… I. made. that. shit. happen.

So what did I learn?

  1. Prep your base, really really well. My skin was hydrated and plumped with a the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Nourishing Milk, Extra Repair Moisturising Balm and the Hydrating Eye Cream. These products were layered in patting and pressing motions onto my skin. The end result here is a very hydrated, soft skin for makeup to glide onto. This approach to skincare ensures longevity of make-up. Although this wasn’t a new lesson for me, it really reinforced my own belief that make-up artists who slap on a bit of moisturiser and then foundation… are lazy make-up artists.
  2. Yellow tones in lip liner and eyeshadow don’t photograph nearly as well as blue tones. By that I mean mauve, plums, soft clay, warm heather greys and pinky browns will look better than yellowy brown, beige and cork colours. A yellow pink liner can create “spaghetti lips”, which Hannah avoided on me by using Bobbi Brown Pale Mauve Lip Liner and Sandwash Pink lipstick. My new FAV lipstick, maybe of all time?
  3. Apply blusher to the apple of the cheek, directly below the pupil.  This is youthful and makes every eye colour pop –  a very typical Bobbi Brown look, but one that suits me and most faces, really well.  Hannah used Bobbi Brown Pot Rogue in Pale Pink.

This was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn from one of my make-up heroines, and I felt really beautiful after Hannah finished her magic on me. I’m not even joking when I say that my wedding day will be chosen based on her availability.

To check out Hannah’s tutorials, subscribe to her brilliant YouTube channel here.

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  1. Judy

    Ahhh! Just checked out her YouTube tutorials and am in LOVE! Thanks for the recommendation and my, don’t you look gorgeous, Emma!


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