20 things I learnt in 2016.



2016… It was like that scene in Jackass The Movie, where Steve O gets strapped inside a portaloo (or porta potty for my American readers), attached to two bungee cords, before shooting up into the air.  This horribly confined environment filling up with faeces, going all over the place. It was mad, nonsensical and utterly masochistic.  The sort of horror you don’t like, but can’t help watching, can’t stop watching. Much like a pussy-grabbing celebrity businessman becoming the next president of America, 52% of voting Brits making the politically disenfranchised choice to leave the EU, lots of well-loved creative people dying and ISIS doing more terrible things.  Shit.  Flew.  Everywhere.  Thankfully, the messy portaloo has landed on the ground and a fresh, unsoiled year is upon us.  Many of us are still alive and will most likely be ok.  With a sense of grit and camaraderie, we must crack on.

In my own little world, not too removed from the wider world, shit primarily centred around my family, friends, health, career, hobbies, interests and lovers (same for you huh?).  I learnt an awful lot of stuff and have to write it all down so I don’t forget.  This is becoming an annual post – read about 2015 here. In a nutshell: I got really unwell in April, recovered by the end of summer and re-prioritised. I developed a positive relationship with my body after watching it get better, and therefore liked my curves after 26 years, now feeding them regular servings of broccoli and Joe Wicks’ protein pancakes.  I danced a lot and set myself free from many invisible pressures.  This cleared room for more positive forces, inspiring growth, happiness and overall enjoyment of my life this past year.  There must be a crystal pendant I could wear to represent my developments as a deep and pensive human being, but alas I’m yet to find one.  Here is a definitive, but not complete list, of 20 things I learnt in 2016:

  1. Worrying about shit just doubles the suffering.
  2. “Buyer’s Pick” wine in Waitrose, is consistently brilliant.
  3. Nobody achieves much solely on their own.  We all have to give each other help by way of contacts, leg-ups and motivational pep talks.  My career would be nothing without these things.
  4. Backpacks > handbags.
  5. To constantly check myself; I have become mindful, especially before communicating about something that bothers me, to ask myself (and often a couple of friends) – Is this the best way to behave?  Am I being a decent person here?  Can I be proud when I forward this chain of emails or texts on?
  6. Bitchy people are tiresome.
  7. Work/life balance is of the utmost importance. 
  8. Health is not merely defined by abs; the times in my life where I had a teeny tiny waist, were not the times when I was happy, eating well or exercising for the right reasons.  Health is essentially a delicate balance of the mind, body and soul.  I must address all three as often as possible.
  9. Sex is not a currency. (I wish more women realised this).
  10. Listening to your gut requires self-awareness, but trusting it requires a deeper self-confidence.
  11. Reeces Peanut Butter cups are a real, “bio-available” source of protein.
  12. The best things in life make you sweat.
  13. Men very rarely notice or care about the things women dislike about their bodies.
  14. The most worthwhile decisions to make are sometimes the hardest.
  15. People in positions of power are no different from you and I; they just have the ballsy confidence to do things, and are not necessarily any more intelligent.
  16. Observe how people talk about and treat others.  A well-rounded view of someone’s worthiness in my life should never hinge exclusively on how they treat me.  Are they decent to others? No… Ok, move on.
  17. Take away wisdom from painful experiences, because when I learn something valuable, I never lose.
  18. Few experiences are as wonderful or emotional as meeting your best friend’s baby.
  19. I will enjoy my body in every way I can, while I still can… moving it, feeding it, pampering it and clothing it as eccentrically as I bloody well want.
  20. Once I discovered Netflix existed inside my television (it only took a year), my ability to switch off and relax has improved tenfold.


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  1. Mom

    Will get you a crystal necklace for your birthday, from Zen in Moseley obvs .
    Best of luck for Thursday !! Love you


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