Products that actually get rid of spots.


I am prone to the odd hormonal break out, and it it has taken me several years to find products that ACTUALLY work to get rid of unsightly blemishes. This is the sort of post I wish I had read before spending a fortune on so much skincare. Having super clear skin is a combination of luck, lifestyle, hormones, happiness AND skincare. I have written all about my holistic 360 approach to skin. I recommend you read this post if you are suffering with your skin. 

For a more “yeah just tell me what to put on my face” approach, keep reading… these blessings are made by the beauty skincare gods. I guarantee that if you have spots to try any one of them, you will most likely be delighted by the results.

In price order from most affordable to most expensive:

Clearasil 5 in 1 Cleansing Pads

I cannot recommend these pads enough! However… do not use them to cleanse – They will not properly take makeup off. I really hate it when products have such misleading names. These brilliant pads contain aloe vera for soothing and a decent punch of salicylic acid – my favourite of all the skincare acids! This acid breaks apart dead skin cells, and penetrates deep into the pore lining with anti-inflammatory properties. It calms and treats blemishes whilst preventing blackheads from forming.  On freshly cleansed skin, swipe a pad over your face, in circular motions, turn over and repeat. These don’t sting, but the acid makes for a very weird scratchy sensation, which is interesting since the pad isn’t scratchy in texture. Within 3 days of use, all my pesky spots had gone, and within a week, the marks were fading too. For £6, these are incredible value. The only downside is that the alcohol content might make your skin feel dry, so make sure you use an oil or moisturiser after one of these pads. 

La Roche Possay Effaclar Astringent Lotion Micro Exfoliant 

As Caroline Hirons coined the phrase, this product is an “acid toner”.  Another Salycilic acid winner that unblocks pores and exfoliates skin. This has a fresher scent and far fewer ingredients than the Clearasil pads, housed in a slightly more luxe bottle. To use, simply soak a cotton pad and swipe all over a cleansed face. Within days, blackheads and blemishes are significantly reduced. When I first tested this product, the difference was so noticeable after one use, I RAVED about it to all my friends, and got several hooked. The main difference between this and the Clearasil pads is that La Roche Posay have included LHA – Liphydroxy Acids, as well as the BHA – Betahydroxy acid (salycilic). The combined result is very gentle yet very effective. This product really makes my skin feel lovely the next morning! I reckon this is the most economical product of the four, as you get 200ml for £11!

Malin + Goetz 10% Sulfur Paste

When you have a huge spot that is yellow and pulsing and disguising… sometimes these acids just don’t quite nail it. Squeezing is sometimes necessary, but it mostly causes more redness. In these undignified and unattractive situations, I reach for this highly acclaimed product. It works overnight miracles! The sharp smell and fizzy feeling when applied with a cotton bud, is really quite something. It dries quickly as a paste and reduces the size, inflammation and redness of any spots. My little brother let me cover his nose in this stuff, only to wake up the next day and say “bloody hell, that’s good!”.

Sunday Riley Good Genes 

Does what is says on the tin – makes your skin look like you have good genes. Can’t ask for more than that from a skincare product eh? The lactic acid in Good Genes is very anti-ageing, combined with a powerhouse of liquoriche, lemongrass and Sunday’s patented N-V5 complex. This product is highly active so not suitable for very sensitive skin types. It is a specialist treatment serum and shouldn’t be used daily, but a few times a week for optimal results. Too much chemical exfoliation can make the skin red and sensitive, which is what happened when I got too excited. Less is more! My results were brilliant: it refined my skin’s texture, got rid of spots and revealed a gorgeous glowing complexion. This serum liquid smells like lemon sherbet and feels quite tingly. Costing over £80, I would grab a sample or two and see if it works on your skin before investing.


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