YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara – #drama in a gold tube.


Mascaras don’t come much more full-on than this one.  Two coats will have your lashes blacker than Donald Trump’s soul, and longer than the list of people he offends.

I am late to the party with this highly coveted, top seller for YSL.  Nic and Sam from Pixiwoo raved about this to me, so I decided to grab one… and see if it lived up to all the hype.  My previous mascara loves are all tubing formulas, simply because I am really fussy about ZERO smudging.  No panda eyes in the morning for me please. Some mascaras let you think you have removed your eye makeup, only to leave you with black smudgy peepers the next morning, à la Jack Sparrow.  This is genuinely one of my biggest concerns, and I am thrilled to tell you that YSL Effect Faux Cils Mascara does NOT budge or leave panda eyes. Hurrah!


Let’s get into the nitty gritty… The wand – it is perfection, not too big, not too small and it has a very intricate pattern of bristles, some short and some long. I’m a fan of bristle brushes. The formula is a deep inky black with a lovely creamy consistency that is not too wet when applied, but thick enough to create a great high-imapct lash in just one coat.  This mascara has a slight floral fragrance, not something I mind! The final result is very buildable and volumising, not feathery or separating, but rather full-on. Just how I like my lashes to look! You can take a lash comb and brush through to create a more separated effect. A lovely thing to note, is no matter how many layers I apply (usually 3!), my lashes do not feel crispy or flaky, but they hold a soft flexible texture that is really quite unique for such a high-impact formula. I’ve had mine for a month, and no signs of drying out yet.

After at the top (obvs) and before application, my naked and very underwhelming lashes underneath.

After at the top (obvs) and before application, my naked and very underwhelming lashes underneath.

At £25.00, this mascara really lives up to the price and the hype. Not only is the formula and brush fantastic, the packaging is really special and makes me feel fabulous when getting ready in the morning. To me, this is one of the major purposes of luxury makeup. I don’t want to spend £25 on mascara that is housed in a black plastic tube. I mean, it doesn’t need to look like a Faberge egg… but some brands seem to miss a trick with high price points but terrible packaging. In this case, you may as well buy something from NYX – simple packaging but brilliant product! (See previous blog post). I could talk about mascara for a very long time, so lets just leave it here shall we! x

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