YouTube makeup tutorials that have changed my life.

Watching someone else do their makeup is one of the most oddly relaxing things for me to do. I return to these YouTube tutorial gems to help me get ready, time and time again. I’ve always been good at applying makeup, but the enjoyment and inspiration I get from following these videos, is enough to deserve its own blog post.

In no particular order, here are my favourite makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Minus the lashes… Emam here shows my most go-to makeup look. I bloody love a winged liner! She demonstrates how fresh and pretty this look can be when done with attention to detail:

This one below I have probably recreated most often. Monika Blunder has the most relaxing and easy-to-follow techniques. I love the final look, and if you know me, you will recognise these makeup looks on my face!

My loved friend and makeup artist crush, Hannah Martin, provided makeup assistance to the royal wedding bridal party. The press will tell you Hannah has an impressive clientele – Kate, Pippa, Beatrice, Zara and Alexandra Shulman are all rumoured to request her expertise. Hannah’s signature style is the English Rose look. She has this knack of making women look like the most intensely pretty version of themselves, without looking overly “done” or covered in makeup. Hannah’s look (to me) is the opposite of a Scott Barnes makeup. She is one of my biggest inspirations! High on her list of beauty arsenal is BLUSH, a pinky rosy one at that. I always think of Hannah when applying my blush. This tutorial rocks:

Keeping with the Bobbi Brown theme, this makeup tutorial is the perfect basic step by step guide to GORGEOUSNESS. I wear this look on dates, to work and whenever I need to feel pretty but natural:

I need to include a Pixiwoo tutorial, as these girls are the queens of beauty videos. Nic’s Olivia Wilde tutorial is a really old favourite of mine, a soft winged smokey eye with all the intensity around the lash line:

Another one from Pixiwoo! (I could include 10!) Here Sam shows a makeup look I wear ALL THE TIME, a very neutral metalic lid, winged eye, and fresh pinky lips:

Kandee Johnson made this video years ago, before she became a YouTube superstar. The quality isn’t brilliant but the look and tips are GOLD. I go to this for a night out, and this is such an awesome pin-up glamourous look. Megan Fox is my makeup spirit animal…

Lastly, Lisa Eldridge! This is genius, absolutely brilliant because there is nothing more beautiful than a barely there makeup with fresh skin and bright eyes. I find this look is where makeup becomes truly magical. Men look away now:


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