THE BEST brows I’ve EVER had.

I am going to let you into a little secret, or two little secrets – one is Eyeko Brow Boost and the other is Eyeko Brow Gel. After using these two amazing products, my brows have honestly never looked so good.

brow gel

With Brow Boost, this is a little, never ending glass tube of tiny brow fibres – you literally brush it on in feathery strokes, with the velvety-tipped wand. I am thrilled to discover something completely new and dare I say it, revolutionary! When you have “done” brows, to my discerning, trained eye, they are either a bit too pencilled in and require a lot of combing through with a spoolie to soften any hard lines. Pot of gel pomade? Too blocky and they bounce the light in a harsh way due to wax and intense pigment. If they are neither liney, nor blocky, then the classic eye shadow applied with a slanted brush is just as fiddly and can so easily look false. I’m not about obviously done brows. Strong? Yes. Fake? No. I’m a tough one to please!

Eyeko Brow Boost, it is soft, natural and believable, so excellent and completely different to everything out there. I could go on and on, but I’ll try to keep this rave review short and sweet. I have put this on all my makeup clients and friends recently, their faces have lit up in amazement at how gorgeous their new brows look.

The second step to perfect brows is the Eyeko Brow Gel – a tinted gel product that applies like a dream on little bristle brush. The small brush is key because you don’t end up of coating all the hairs you couldn’t be bothered to tweeze.  There is a really decent amount of product in the squeezy tube, that provides glossy definition, enhancing your own brow hairs, whilst grooming and setting them. My Brow Gel has been going for months! No sign of drying or running out.

Before using any brow products, you can see my brows are naturally a bit of a mess. It’s my fault for not doing much with them, but I would rather they look natural than too “done”.


Before and after:

brows 3


defined, yet natural. <3

defined, yet natural. <3

Just look at my brows! They deserve their own Instagram account.

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