Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation, get on my face.

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Chanel foundations have always performed beautifully on my skin. I ploughed through more bottles of the sadly discontinued Prolumiere foundation, than I could afford as a student, and then rebounded, only to fall madly, deeply in love with Vitalumier Aqua. The Les Beiges Healthy Glow Fluid is an essential base I always carry in my kit and use for brides – Mary Greenwell’s sterling recommendation, after personally posting one to me. I have MAD love for Chanel bases, they are truly wonderful. You can imagine how excited I have been about this highly anticipated launch!

The bottle is a classic frosted glass, which feels very luxury and worth £36. It has a pump! We do love a good pump. Coverage is a decent medium, with a very thin consistency, highly pigmented formula and it imparts a matte yet radiant finish. Here I am in nothing but Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation (and clothes!! LOL).

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2 pumps of the shade N20, taken in natural light, no concealer, just lots of baby hairs, like flames around my face!

As you can see, it makes my skin look flawless and radiant. For a matte foundation, Chanel have nailed the non-dewy, yet glowing finish. It is like nothing I have tried before. I have applied this every morning for a week and can conclude that the longevity is very impressive, so much so that it didn’t need powdering. The fragrance is quite strong, the classic Chanel scent, all their makeup smells like this, and while I love it, not everyone will.

This is not especially hydrating on my skin, and would absolutely suit someone with combination/oily skin. My skin is very dry but since I use Nude Progenius Oil under my moisturiser, this foundation lasted beautifully all day, and didn’t feel drying at all. I will be wearing this as the warmer weather starts, and feel that I have found my summer foundation! Hurrah!

A word on the shade range, I am N20, a gorgeous neutral colour to match seamlessly with my skin. If you have very dark skin, or are black, I am afraid Chanel are guilty of not catering for deep skin tones. This is one thing that really annoys me about some luxury brands.

The foundation does contain SPF25 – but like all Chanel bases, it does not flash back when photographed, so is perfect for weddings. I feel a splurge coming… My brides this year will be wearing a lot of Chanel!



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