The lash game-changer… Eyeko Bespoke Mascara.

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Sit down with a cup of tea, because I have quite a magical mascara tale to tell…

Beauty intelligence sources will tell you that the future is about bespoke, personalised products. I’ve read the Mintel reports. I know my shit. Us Emma Stevie readers – the beauty junkie customers, are becoming more discerning, more educated and know exactly what we like. It is no surprise then, that uber cool eye makeup brand, Eyeko, have absolutely nailed a new, more personalised service called Bespoke Mascara. This breakthrough in makeup is completely game-changing. Rather than amble around beauty counters looking for mascaras you might like… this service allows you to take control and decide on the wand and formula. It really blows all the other mascara competition out the water.

SO, like a kid in a candy shop, I went to Harvey Nics in Knightsbridge to experience Bespoke Mascara for myself. I was somewhat apprehensive that my mascara taste might be too specific. I have never struggled to know (or explain) what I want. This was going to go one of two ways…

Before describing the Bespoke Mascara experience, I need to tell you about my dream mascara. A great deal of thought and experience has culminated in the following dream: the formula is super inky black, it separates, lengthens AND volumises my distinctly average lashes. I want it all. On top of this, I need a tubing formula that holds a curl (because my lashes are giraffe-straight), and is water resistant, but also doesn’t dry out and need replacing after four weeks, like many tubing formula mascaras. The brush…  where to start? I am so so fussy with mascara brushes. I don’t like really fat fluffy ones because they are messy and don’t give enough application control. I hate plastic/rubbery/spiky/wands, they never feel like they catch the lashes in the same way as bristles do. I do love a curved brush with stiff bristles, to enhance the curl and reach all the lashes in the corners. Not asking for much am I?! I think about these things in great detail. My mascara favourites are Sensai 38 degrees, Chantecaille Faux Cils and Kevyn Aucoin Volumizing. Alas, they are all flawed. To achieve the desired effect, one is often applied after the other. Val Garland does this, therefore, I am not mad. If these three mascaras had a baby (because in my world, if mascaras can have babies, then three of them can) it would be the magical Eyeko Bespoke Mascara I created…



I selected the wand and formula, based on an in-depth chat with my Mascara Editor, Adrianna, who knew exactly what I would like. After some time looking at the great selection of brushes, I settled on the curved, stiff-bristled one above. It is the business. There are over 100 possible combinations of wand and mascara formula with this service, so it is really like you are creating your very own mascara. I know enough about product development for some brands I have worked with, to tell you this is much like the process brands go through in the lab. The premium black packaging, beautiful box and monogrammed touch is just lovely. I made a little squeal of excitement when Adrinna handed me my box, housing the most special mascara I have ever owned.

Enough excited rambling, just look at these results…

Before and after mascara. Powerful stuff!

Before and after mascara. Powerful stuff!


All of the angles. I will be fluttering my eyelashes at anyone who cares to listen to me tell them about my Bespoke Mascara.

All of the angles. I will be fluttering my eyelashes at anyone who cares to listen to me harp on about Bespoke Mascara.

I can’t recommend this service enough. To get your very own Bespoke Mascara contact Harvey Nics, Selfridges or Saks via deets here

This is also the best gift for any makeup lover.



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  1. Beth

    This is a great piece Emma, really love your writing style! Can’t wait to go out and make my own baby . . . mascara, that is 😉


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