My face would probably just fall off without the following skincare products…


From right to left - Nude Clarifying Cleansing Oil, La Roche Posay Effaclare Toner, Nude Progenius Oil, Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF30, Nude Rescue Oil

From right to left – Nude Clarifying Cleansing Oil, La Roche Posay Effaclar Toner, Nude Progenius Oil, Emma Hardie Protect and Prime SPF30, Nude Rescue Oil.


I wrote about my holistic approach to having good skin here… this post harps on about the importance of being happy, rested, eating good food etc. These are some overlooked and often neglected home truths when it comes to the quest for beautiful skin. Beauty industry PR’s will tell you that you need all these expensive products to look good, but I know plenty of people (men especially), who barely use skincare and have THE most beautiful skin. 


Sadly I am not so blessed. My face is dry, taught and feels uncomfortable if I step out the shower and delay to apply some oil or moisturiser. The silver lining to having this skin type is invisible pores and few spots. Hurrah! Skincare forms the backbone to my beauty routine, and meditative preparation for the day. Some people can’t start the day without a coffee, I can’t start the day without a vigorous oily cleanse and hot flannel. I love the feeling of silky soft, even-toned skin. I don’t stop at my face, no no, I scrub my body within an inch of it’s life, laser the shit out of my hair (for a very candid and entertaining account of lady garden laser hair removal read here). I then slather myself in body creams and potions that smell positively edible – not like pizza lol… think almond and coconut. I might have just typed myself into doing a body skincare post. Nice one Em. 


Not a day goes by where I stand on the tube like a sardine and closely observe a beautiful woman whose dull complexion indicates that she cleans her face with… wait for it… FACE WIPES *vomits*. I see this tragedy every single day. It hurts my eyes and momentarily affects my mood. My Snapchat stories often feature avid outfit shaming, but I have to draw the line at beauty shaming; it’s not fair… not everyone reads this blog. lol.  


The products above are responsible for THIS complexion at the moment *takes naked-faced selfie halfway through writing*:



I am wearing Sensai Mascara and By Terry Baume de Rose. That’s it!


Jesus that was an epic ramble. Onto the hero products:


  • Nude Clarifying Cleansing Oil (available in a few weeks!) – a thick oil cleanser aimed at combination/oily, break-out prone skin, but I have dry skin and am LOVING it, its perfect for all skin types. There is a faint scent of liquorice, and as Caroline Hirons has explained, this oil gives the perfect amount of grip for a facial massage. I have had very clear skin since using this, and am about half way through the bottle with a back up already ready. Dare I say it, I think I love this as much as the Eve Lom cleanser. It contains sunflower seed oil, broccoli seed oil and green tea. Really brilliant product. I use this morning and night with a cotton flannel.


  •  La Roche Possay Effaclar Clarifying Lotion – an astringent exfoliator packed with wonderful ingredients like Salicylic acid and Castor oil. This product has a very short list of very active ingredients. The LHA (Lipo Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) combo has resulted in my small pores appearing in invisible and blemishes are now non existent. IT IS £8! I. Can’t. Even. I am so impressed with this product.


  • Nude Progenius OIl – Not the first time this bottle of gold has appeared on my blog. Nude skincare is the brainchild of Ali Hewson (Bono’s wife), and Brian Meehan (chap that founded Wholefoods – good man!). The brand provides a perfect balance of natural active ingredients in bountiful quantities, complimented by the sciency high-tech ingredients that are PROVEN to WORK. Therefore, no compromises. Progenius oil is a weird smelling thick oil containing omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9 from camelina, seabuckthorn, apricot and macadamia nut. The reviews on Space NK are enough to make you buy many bottles in one go, you know, just in case it goes out of stock. My skin feels really hydrated, soft and glowing after using this, over time I am CONVINCED I am looking younger as I am getting ID’d more often. True story. This product is used after the Effaclar toner and before moisturiser.


  • Emma Hardie Protect & Prime SPF 30. This is a 3 in 1 hero product. This is used as my daily moisturiser, not rich enough for me to use without an oil first, but it feels lovely. My face is protected from the sun and makeup has a lovely smooth base to blend into. It primes for makeup so well, that I have stopped using conventional primers. It is an awesome multi-tasker.


  • Nude Progenius Rescue Oil. A much thinner, silky feeling oil that ironically feels oilier on my skin than the original Progenius. I cover my face in this stuff before going to bed and yes, I have a backup bottle, sealed and waiting. It is packed with loads of bakuchiol, nature’s answer to retinol, without any negative side effects (retinols can be quite harsh). The purifying coleus root and organic rosemary extracts work to clarify the complexion, so preventing spots, redness and inflammation. On my skin, it has done all of these things beautifully, and the difference was noticeable the first time I used it.


SO, if you have dry skin prone to the occasional hormonal breakout and areas of redness – you might find these products are a godsend.  If they were being discontinued, you would have to prise them out of my cold, dead hands before I give over my stash.



4 thoughts on “My face would probably just fall off without the following skincare products…

  1. Sophia

    Started using the La Roche Possay Effaclar lotion after reading this and I can’t believe what a difference it’s made. Not even a hint of blemishes. Thank you thank you thank you for bringing it to my attention 🙂

    1. emmastevie Post author



      Please come back and read more on my blog. Loads of love xxxxxx

  2. radhika

    Hi dear ! I gotta ask you something accroding to me you’re the best person to ask . If suppose m going to purchase sunday riley “good genes” (for sun damage and acne sports (pigmentation ) then what what nude serum you recomend to use along with good genes for brightness. Nude progenius rescue oil or another nude progenius oil (blue bottle) ? Pls help


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