“You had bad skin and now you have great skin, what did you do?”

Here is a contouring makeup tutorial I filmed with the lovely Wayne Goss a couple of weeks ago. My big takeaway as a makeup artist, watching this back is how REALLY GOOD brushes with an even-pressured, light hand make for the most seamless contouring.


This is not a makeup look I would usually do on myself, as I prefer to keep my base really sheer. That said, I think you will agree the end result is incredibly flawless yet natural looking, tactile skin. Great job Wayne!


A word on modelling in x4 HD… with a completely naked face… in front of Wayne’s 2 million plus subscribers… I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –  it is bloody scary. I have received the loveliest compliments from many lovely people. Thanking everyone of them for being so kind. My cheeks have been burning with embarrassment and bewilderment at these comments. I have also received lots of versions of the same question, along the lines of:


“You had bad skin and now you have great skin, what did you do?”


I have always had pretty good skin *THANK THE BABY JESUS*, with one recent but horrid exception. Bravely, I let Wayne film me to show how “acne” is covered up. This angry, red skin erupted on my face one day, it wasn’t pretty. Very candidly speaking, this was the result of going back onto the contraceptive pill, which I will never ever do again. Those artificial hormones are the devil. As soon as I came off it, my skin was back to its normal self.  I was a much MUCH happier person for it… Nicer to my family, a better friend, more relaxed, not bursting into tears all the time. You know, generally hormonally stable. Hormones are everything, which is why I think it is super important to understand your cycle, understand why you feel the way you do.


SO, my approach to glowing skin is an entirely holistic one, borderline hippy, but bear with me people, I think I’m onto something :


  1. Choose to be happy – the effects of stress, anxiety and sadness show on your skin. I get emotional hives and dermographism, you can literally see my skin flare up with red welts the moment something annoys me. If someone I don’t like is standing to my left, talking to me… the left side of my body develops this angry itchy rash. Utter madness.  I was working on a makeup client today who had flared up with the most unfortunate acne out of nowhere and had seen a dermatologist who could only tell her it was hormonal. After chatting about hormones and the pill, she had no obvious reason for the acne appearing. Then my questions to her: “are you OK? has anything changed to make you less happy in your life?”. She welled up, and I sensed something upsetting must have happened. I 100% can vouch for happy = beautiful skin, and when I am unhappy, my skin will tell you… I on the other hand, might not. Beauty starts on the inside, in the world we live in, this is often overlooked. 
  2. Get a decent amount of sleep, obvious but also overlooked.
  3. EXERCISE, and by exercise I mean get really sweaty on a regular basis.
  4. Drink loaaads of water.
  5. Finally – eat real food, like veggies, not Haribo.


On top of being happy and healthy, I am absolutely militant about my skincare routine. You can’t get by on health alone. Even when shtfaced, at stupid o’clock after a night out, I STILL manage to cleanse, tone and moisturise. You can read about my skincare routine here. A recent addition to that post is the inclusion of La Roche Possay Effaclair Toner – which is effectively Salicylic acid, in a bottle, swept over my cleansed skin every day, sometimes twice. All spots be gone, blackheads AND dry patches. At £8 this stuff kicks ass.


Bit of a ramble there! In a nutshell, most importantly be happy, be healthy and take good care of your skin with decent skincare products. This multi-pronged holistic approach is how my skin is the way it is at the moment :). Hopefully that answers all of those questions!


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