Life update #2: London is not the centre of the universe.

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I’ve harped on quite a lot about weight loss in my last post. Let’s move on… London life. Since moving to London over 2 years ago, I thought it was EVERYTHING, the only place I would want to live and spend most of my time. Interestingly, and maybe predictably, the older I get, the more I salivate over gorgeous places like Bath, Sussex and the Cotswolds, where I often go to see my friends who are living the dream. It occurred to me, during a recent weekend in Bath, that everything you need is there; the best coffee shop in the UK, a Space NK, Opium bar, and seriously beautiful architecture. It wins bonus points for being one of the least likely places ISIS will be attacking any time soon and I swear it is a tad warmer than London. What more could you want? Oh yeah, a job… I don’t want to work in a coffee shop. *sigh*.


Eventually, I’ll have a big country home with some dogs, a house pig called Sausage, a cockatoo called Mr Bingley, and I’ll run my brand/beauty empire from a farmhouse style kitchen, have some babies and go for walks through the woods in garish wellies. I really love London, especially Parsons Green, and couldn’t move to another big city in the UK. I just don’t think I’ll stay here forever and be one of these tired professionals stuck in the daily grind of overpriced city living, trying to feign the social life of a 20-something year old. Why would I? I want a brood of dogs, some little people and a minty green Aga.


I’m only 25 but this is a powerful vision, most likely under the influence of a shitload of oestrogen. This very certain vision makes me raise one eyebrow, when perusing house prices in acceptable parts of London. I am trying to write about that, hormones, sensitively and with great effort to not come across as a nutter. Hormones are an underestimated force. Do men even have these thoughts? Do they name their non-existent pets, and/or children, whilst choosing the colour of their kitchen fittings? Didn’t think so. Fail to plan these details is planning to fail… at life and successfully naming your future pet pig.


SO yeah. London is amazing, but not everything.


2 thoughts on “Life update #2: London is not the centre of the universe.

  1. Charlotte

    Hi Emma,
    Ed Stone liked a post on Facebook that I saw so I thought I would take a quick read. There’s an article coming out on our site at the start of September about Postcards to my Future Kids that I finally finished today, so I thought it was a bit of a funny coincidence I saw this on the same day.
    I just thought I’d pop you a message to let you know about Ghost and say if you’re ever interested in contributing, please let us know. I can send over a contributors guideline if you’d like.


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