Review/RAVE about the Dr Jackson’s Number 2 Moisturiser.

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“Dr Jackson’s is a niche cosmeceutical company created from 21 years of pharmacognosy research, utilising the best from nature.


Learning from traditional healers, Dr Jackson’s uses techniques which mimic the way that the natural ingredients used are extracted at source, and rigorously tests them to ensure purity as well as ascertain they are at a concentration high enough to be effective.”

The man behind this fabulous brand is a cool doctor – think East London, who has lived with indigenous communities in remote areas of the world to learn all about their uses for plants. I love the research and sustainable ethics of Dr Jackson’s, so was VERY eager to get my hands on a Number 2 Moisturiser after slathering a tiny sample pot all over my face and being bowled over with the results. It goes without saying that I am a tough judge with skincare, but knew this one was a keeper when my skin was buttery soft and even toned immediately after first use. This stuff not only delivered deep hydration, but it smells like a sweet mango ice cream. I couldn’t be more addicted, and sadly ploughed through this 30ml pot in just a couple of weeks. Woe is a love for expensive skincare.


This moisturiser is rich and emollient in texture with ingredients Baobab, Mango seed extract and Frankincense oil. Imagine that smell people. I’m really into skincare that smells good, but hate synthetic fragrances, so this is perfect. Dr Jackson’s claims this is healing, repairing and great for reducing blemishes – something few moisturisers will claim to do. I have been really impressed how soft, clear and deeply hydrated my skin has felt since using this day and night. It is supposedly a night cream, but if you have dry skin, I use it as a regular moisturiser.


10/10 Dr Jackson’s. Now I need a bigger pot!




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