The only three lip balms that matter.

I consider this a very dynamic lip balm curation, edited into just three fantastic products. You need to look no further. Think sheen, matte and a pop of colour. Girly, sweet smelling, delicious and feminine. Simple unassuming tin packaging, heavy frosted glass and glinting metal lid. You will meet your lip balm soul mate with at least one of them. I swing between all three, most days.



Nivea Vanilla & Macadamia Lip Butter

I should start with the first by admitting how I rarely get on with “affordable” products. Seldom do such cheap products actually work, let alone feel good or look aesthetically pleasing in my bathroom. I am the unapologetic product snob. SO, for a Nivea lip balm at £2.25 this blew me away. It smells so heavenly – sweet vanilla with a creamy nutty scent. The scent appeals to me most about this lip balm, followed by the sheeny texture and pout-softening results. The ingredients shea butter and macadamia oil, sink into your lips, making them look soft and with a sheeny finish. For £2.25 this stuff is beyond brilliant. The packaging is a crappy tin, but I love the product nonetheless.

 Nuxe Reve De Miel

The second is Nuxe Reve De Miel – French for dreaming of Honey. At £9, this lip balm is mid-price range and impossible to finish. I have been going strong on this one most nights for over a year. This smells exactly like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, not honey (sorry Nuxe). It is a thick matte looking waxy formula that works really effectively at getting rid of dryness and leaves no finish of product when rubbed in. This is the ultimate lip balm for a man because it works very effectively, the packaging is simple and the finish is matte, no shine. All my beauty maven friends adore this product, and it lives on my bed side table.

 By Terry Baume De Rose

My grand finale is the Bollinger of lip balm. If you have £35.50 to spend on a lip balm, you can’t go wrong with a By Terry Baume De Rose. The smell of this little pot is like a drug to me, it has a sweet, feminine hit of expensive rose. Not a cloying rose, but a heady and sensual rose. The formula is mainly castor seed oil, pure rosa centifoliawax (hence the gorgeous scent) and good ol’ shea butter. Apparently, Kate Winslet is never without this lip balm. My preference is the tinted version in Rosy Babe, a bright baby pink hue that makes my eyes look bluer and is the ultimate date night lip, sheer, soft and with a lovely hint of natural colour. The packaging for the Baume De Rose is heavy, luxe and well worth £35.50.


So there we have the only three lip balms that matter. 99% of people will be very happy with at least one of these beauties*


*Fact I made up, but is probably true.


One thought on “The only three lip balms that matter.

  1. Beautybloss

    I haven’t tried the others, but By Terry is by far the best balm I’ve ever used. I have the shade Rosy Babe (looks like the same one you have) for my handbag and an original colourless for my bathroom. Love love love.


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