If George Lucas did hair straighteners, he would have created the T3 SinglePass X…

Firstly, appearances… these hair straighteners look positively intergalactic; white with silver lines and lights that twinkle in modish succession. I feel like Princess Padme* styling my hair with these bad boys and am very impressed with what they deliver.


*Rather than the obvious choice of Princess Leia – her style actually does not require the SPX.


FullSizeRender (9)


My hurr

So before I get into the nitty gritty about these straighteners – it’s important to explain what sort of hurr is growing out of my head: It is a fine/medium thickness and just masses and masses of it, so quite deceptively, it looks thick, but is actually is just really fluffy. Often annoyingly so. Think massive frizz-ball in humid weather. When I walk into salons, hair dressers sigh and hope I don’t want anything complicated doing. I suffer from baby hairs taking over the sides of my face like rebellious hairy flames AND I have a double crown, which according to old wives tales is a sign of fertility, others say it’s a sign of retardation LOL, I digress. Lots of hair. Needless to say it isn’t easy to style, looks messy easily and on day 3 of unwashed hair I resemble someone who might ask you for spare change. Curls drop out, blowouts last a day and my parting changes place by the hour. Anyone else experience this? On the flip side, I feel very lucky to have long, shiny hair. It looks best when I do little with it and I endeavour to do everything possible to keep it in great condition. This includes eating lots of walnuts, conditioning 3 times a week and washing with sulfate-free shampoo.


Slight ramble here, but necessary to explain how utterly terrified I am of heated hair tools, simply because they can quickly undo all of this good work (by work I mean eating walnuts and sitting in the bath with an Oribe Mask on). So, up until very recently you would never see me go near a pair of hair straighteners, for waving, curling or straightening purposes. I didn’t want singed hair. Au natural has been my style… until very recently.

Enter the T3 SinglePass X Straightener




These straighteners have been made with a combination of ceramic and tourmaline ionic technology to ensure a shiny, smooth and long lasting style for your locks.


This is what happens after using the SPX









I have to refrain from walking into the pub and being all like









So instead settle for the occasional



Who is the T3 SPX for?

The SPX has been created for demanding hair, the wide plates are ideal for thick, long or even afro hair…  but it is fantastic for any hair really.


Does the SPX damage your hair?


As with all heated tools, they can burn and damage the condition of your hair. HOWEVER, I have been using this for weeks now to make my hair super straight, wavy AND curly (finally mastering the straightener curls) and it looks in the best condition it has ever done. There are multiple heat settings going up to 210 degrees. Sometimes I use heat protector, mostly I just hope my Organix Argan Oil is doing something to protect my hair. So far so good! Not one singed-end and it looks so shiny I have had many compliments. Dark magic? I think so. The highly researched hair-tech science that is behind every T3 tool probably helps too!


How long does the style last?

Because my hair is that straight/silky/fluffy texture, whatever I do, it drops out. Straightening lasts for 2 days and curls or waves last for the whole day. Blowouts last about 5 hours before dropping, so that should be a good comparison. My hair has been looking very shiny after using the SPX, right up until my next wash. For more coarse hair types, the style will last until your next wash. I am confident. My friend Thomasin, who has very thick hair, managed to get 4 days out of her T3 style, we were amazed!


This is a high price point, but after being your guinea pig, I can reassure you that the £165 is money well spent if you want a versatile tool that does not damage your hair. If you are in the market for a game changing hair tool, look no further. You can buy it here.







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