The Space NK Colour Matcher aka Magical lipstick tech.

Kisses from the office

Kisses! Can you spot mine? Hint – it’s the big pink one in the middle.


This clever little tool brings the in-store Space NK consultation experience and expertly selected product prescriptions, to the beautiful Space NK website. In real terms, this means you can watch Netflix, drink tea and browse your PERFECT lipsticks, without even leaving the house, or getting dressed! What more could a girl want?!


This techy witchcraft aka an algorithm takes into account your skin tone, shade you are looking for and finish that you desire, then it magically provides SPOT ON results, through data provided by makeup artists. I can vouch for the recommendations being perfect because I happen to own most of the lipsticks this tool has recommended to me! Yes – I have an entire draw in my IKEA Alex, full of these lipsticks. 2015-03-05 11-48-53


Space NK is all about beauty intelligence so this online tool is going to be a game-changer in the online beauty world. Some brands and websites have made clunky attempts at this sort of functionality, but the Lipstick Colour Matcher really smashes it.


Simply make your three easy selections – even leaving some blank to just look at lipsticks with a velvet finish, for example, or just look at all lipsticks for dark skin. 2015-03-05 11-50-48


Here are some of my results! I love how it has identified that pinky nude tones suit my pale skin much more than beige tones; which can make us fair ladies look more corpse and less J.Lo – who is olive skinned… this is why she suits the beige nude colours. Clever huh? It makes so much sense. 2015-03-05 11-51-50


Now the internet has an awesome tool  to make sure you will never make a badly informed lipstick purchase again. I am really excited to see the Space NK foundation matcher and primer matcher… coming soon!



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