If you have periods this might make you stand up and clap…

If like me, you feel that society has wrongly decided menstruation is an awkward taboo… then watch this woman and prepare to laugh, clap and share with everyone you know. Because that’s exactly what I did. Enter Dominique Christina – ultimate disturber of the peace and Grand Slam winning, breathtaking poet.


4 thoughts on “If you have periods this might make you stand up and clap…

  1. Shannon Romero

    Loved it Emma. Great career ahead of you girl and I’m on your bandwagon. Love seeing you and Wayne. You are a beautiful breathe of fresh air in this depressing news day and age. Wishing you the very best. Going to show my own 13 yr old daughter this vid. Never stop writing.

    1. emmastevie Post author

      Thank you! That’s made my evening! A few more videos with Wayne on the way! Some funny ones too 🙂 xx

  2. Komal

    Loving the blog Emma, I’ve just read and watched the entire lot in one morning! Adore this video, deffo tackling a big issue with society.

    Keep doing your thing, another loyal reader earnt!


    1. emmastevie Post author

      Hi Komal!

      Thrilled your comment popping up this morning! I am blogging like cray today, scheduling lots of posts. If I were not terrified of the calorie content of your tirramasu chocoloate pots, I would be making them right now. Seriously. Awesome recipes!



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