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Evolve 353… how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!


Hello, I write to you cannily with aching abs and even more aching buttocks, for I have joined the church of exercise-mad, squat jumping, active wear encased Londoners. The gym behind my lifestyle change is very aptly called Evolve and it’s the best gym you could wish to be a member of.


Since Evolve is on my road, I spent months walking past and peeking in through the window like a snooping neighbour, wondering if I could brave a class full of lean, sweaty bodies. It looked so hard-core! The members were a mixture of ages, mostly women with some attractive men shouting at them. It seemed premium and niche, lacking the usual crowd of half-arsed people you find in commercial gyms, wearing ill suited, cheap trainers from Sports Direct and a full face of make-up. Evolve is very much a purist gym; it has classes, but 100% not Les Mills classes and it has PT sessions, but not like “so what would you like to work on today, Deborah?” sessions.


Prior to joining, I was unlucky to have the worst case of glandular fever my doctor had ever seen, which resulted in the rare secondary complication of hepatitis. Bleugh. I felt absolutely horrible for months and you can read about it in detail here. Eating and resting made me feel better so I got a little… fluffy, shall we say. Basically my body started to resemble the beginnings of a collapsed trifle with muscle atrophy and undulating wobbliness. This was followed by many all-nighters working at a brutal advertising agency, still feeling so unwell. Like all sensible people, when life gets too much, I threw another challenge into the mix and got myself back into dancing. To my surprise, I successfully (but rather painfully) auditioned for a TV role alongside superstar dancer and now good friend, Zec Luhana. Sadly, after an exposure to bullying and constant bitchiness in my dance company, a lifestyle shake-up was in order.

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Throw back Thursday – Product favourites with Wayne Goss

I used to work at Space NK head office for almost three years, a place where I found my footing in the beauty industry, making contacts that have resulted in amazing work since. I can’t imagine working in any other industry and am so grateful for my experiences.

I was lucky to befriend the YouTube beauty community too! Wayne Goss was one such YouTuber who I fondly and often went to visit from Paddington to Newport with a bag of goodies. Off the train I got and into a taxi taking me to his beautiful converted church where we made fun videos as friends first and industry colleagues as a second. I would apprehensively donate my face for acne covering, contouring and general silliness. Such fun. Wayne is a real darling and would kindly bestow me with his brushes, palettes and potions before I went home. I still use many of them now and think back to how thrilled I was to receive these generous gifts.

This video came into my suggested YouTube playlist, and it made me really laugh!